About Us

Out of Ireland Television, based in New York, is a weekly half-hour television show created for the large Irish-American and Irish-born populations living in the United States. The show is owned by a company called Beau’s Hope, Inc. which sponsors the charity “Boys Hope,Girls Hope”.

Out of Ireland’s home network is WLIW Channel 21 on Long Island. The show premiered nationwide in 1994 on the PBS satellite and is now carried by thirty-one public television stations across the United States. The show currently has thirty-nine weekly airings, and is carried in 6.3 million Irish- American homes with an available total weekly household audience of 16.38 million people.

Out of Ireland is a news, culture and entertainment program presenting the best of modern Ireland in a magazine format. Every week the program features highlights of the news from Ireland’s national broadcasting service, RTÉ. The show also includes interviews with Irish and Irish-American celebrities and politicians and showcases Irish music and entertainment.

Out of Ireland is produced and hosted by Dublin-born journalist Patricia O’Reilly. “What we are trying to do with Out of Ireland is produce a fast-paced entertainment program that mixes current news with historical perspectives and showcases Irish contributions in the arts, politics and business.”

“Because the exploration and explanation of disparate viewpoints and culture is one of the things television can do best, it doesn’t surprise me that I was entertained, as well as informed, by a recent Out of Ireland. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy Clannad, or a World Cup soccer junkie to enjoy how much weight and enthusiasm their correspondents give to that particular competition.”
David Bianculli, TV critic
New York Daily News

“At last the Irish have a television show to be proud of…. (Out of Ireland) is a credit to the fine young talent, camera people, etc., whose time and effort results in a top-of-the-line show.”
Irish America Magazine
Top 100 issue

“Out of Ireland is the most popular Irish program in the country…a breakout hit.”
Janet Grady Sullivan
New York Newsday Features

“An Irish gem….a first-rate program!”
Ben Kubasik
New York Newsday

“It’s a little-known fact, but more people are watching R.T.E. News each week in the United States than in Ireland. This achievement is a courtesy of a company known as Out of Ireland.”
Eugene McEldowney
The Irish Times

“Every major figure in Irish politics, from nationalists like Gerry Adams and John Hume to loyalists such as David Trimble and Rev. Ian Paisley, has been interviewed on Out of Ireland, and much of the United States got its first look at Riverdance through the program.”
Jack Flynn
The Irish Voice Newspaper